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Feels Like Home

In case you're interested here's our story of "boy meets girl." 
I call it "Feels Like Home" because we danced to Josh Groban's version of that song at our wedding.

Our story is super traditional. 

Nope, actually it's not.  We haven't known each other forever, there wasn't a situation and shenanigans that led to our couple-hood, he didn't try to pick me up at a bar or party, we didn't even meet in person.

Once Upon a Time. . .
After graduation from Roanoke, I decided for fun to look into online dating.  I only went on like two dates through the website.  They were clearly awful.  I mean it, awful.  Any of the people I talked to were on a scale of "strange" that I wasn't compatible with.  To be perfectly honest, some of them were down right creepy.  I was about to cancel my account after two unsuccessful dates and some off color messages from people when fate intervened.
At this time, the website had a way that multiple people's pictures come up and you rate them with stars based on their basic profile and a picture.  If you rate someone as 4 or 5 stars, then an email is sent to that person with 6 people where you rate them and if you rate each other 4 or 5 stars you are a "match." This is exactly what happened with us. Honestly, I had given up - I believed it just wasn't my time - but I received an email from OK Cupid with the six pictures, one of them being Steve, found out we were a match and  decided to give it one more try

He sent me a message commenting on my zebra print dress in my profile picture.  If you know me you know I'm borderline obsessed with zebra print so the fact that he noticed this peaked my interest. We then sent about two messages and exchanged information to talk through instant messenger.  Our first conversation lasted about 5 hours - we talked about sports, politics, pizza toppings, everything - and we kind of knew then that this was going to be something special.  We continued to message one another and spoke on the phone a few times.

Our first date was August 8th. We met at an Applebee’s (I wanted a public venue and since it was the only restaurant open at 10pm other than McDonald's and I had just finished moving into my grad school apartment we went with it). I wanted to meet him so badly and life was about to get crazy with training for my graduate assistantship so this was my only chance.  Late night Applebee's it was. Romance at its finest.  I'm a big believer in signs and he brought my favorite flowers (Gerbera dasies) without even knowing!   After that we went on a few more dates and made it official September 12, 2009. 

A date to the corn maze - our first official picture together
It wasn't long before I knew that I wanted to marry him. It's like all the time I had spent upset that I didn't have anyone while my college friends were dating and in relationships was all worth it because I had this amazing man in the end. I won't gush too much.  This is a story not a love letter. 
Spring Break in Key West with Steve and his family
Steve was struggling in his job search for most of our relationship - thanks awesome economy.  Eventually he was in DC for an internship. I worked for my parents that summer at their restaurant at night and did an internship at the local college.  Although being further apart sucked, we had a lot of fun when I visited him.  It was one of the worst and best parts of our relationship because we made the most of every moment.  His internship ended in the fall so he went to work as a bar tender for my parents for a while.  He continued to job search. Meanwhile, I was finishing up grad school.
Visiting Steve in DC for the 4th of July

Ever After. . . 

March 19 of 2011 I planned for Steve's birthday.  I was job searching and going to conferences - it was a pretty stressful time.  I knew we were going to be engaged soon - we had chosen a ring together it was just a matter of when it was purchased and the question was popped.  I planned to go to a shooting range for his birthday followed by a dinner at a nice steak house.  Steve decided he wanted to go to another restaurant though which wasn't as nice, but whatever, I was paying since it was his birthday. He told me that we were going to dress up for dinner - which was weird because he wanted to go to a more casual restaurant.  We went to the shooting range and had a blast and then went over to dinner at the Hofbrauhaus in Pittsburgh for dinner.  We changed in the car and walked over to the restaurant.  The whole situation was weird.  We were seated and then told that the table we were in was reserved and move to another room. The whole night we were the only couple in that room, like a large room. Steve was texting his mom the whole evening which was getting on my nerves.  Everything just felt off.  We had dinner and dessert and then Steve said "I have a question." "Yes?" I said
He followed with "You know I love you very much."
I told him  "That isn't a question."
Meanwhile he was fishing around in his jacket and looked as if he was trying to say something else.  Next thing I knew - it all happened so fast - he was on the floor with the ring out and asked "Will you marry me."
I instantly started crying as I've explained in this post and said yes.  The waitresses got some awkward pictures and then Steve told me: "I have one more surprise - our families are here." It was beautiful. We walked out and they were waiting in the main part of the restaurant (the whole reason for moving us to another room and why Steve was texting his mom all night).  

The proposal night
Favorite engagement picture - we used it for our Save the Dates

We were married on November 19, 2011.  We had the reception at my parent's restaurant and it was everything I dreamed it would be.  We've now been married a little over a year, and while it's only been a little over 3 years since we first started dating, I can't imagine spending my life with any other partner. Right now Steve is in D.C. because he got a job there in December  and I'm trying to find a job there as well while I'm still working in Georgia.  I'm glad I have someone supportive and loving to help me through this time and make it all worth it.

Thanks for reading our story. 
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  1. Love this! :) Such a cute and sweet story!
    I especially loved the proposal :)

    1. Thanks! It was super awkward and sweet - just like we are! hahah He kept threatening to come to a conference and do it so I was SO relieved when he proposed!

  2. I love this! And you are gorgeous!