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Monday, April 29, 2013

Steve's Visit:

Finally the update on Steve's weekend!
We are approaching the end of the semester here, so my posts are going to be a little all over the place!

Steve came to visit last weekend.  He arrived on Saturday and left on Wednesday. I tried to plan some fun stuff without allowing us to get overwhelmed and not have any quality time just at home.

Saturday I made meatloaf with mashed potatoes and peas for dinner - one of the meals he's been asking for and evidently misses the most.  How 1950's housewife of me! We had some Holly's cupcakes - probably some of the best I've ever had! I had coconut with a cream cheese frosting and Steve had red velvet.  We watched Les Miserables as well, because Steve hadn't seen it yet.

Sunday we went to the Renaissance Fair. It was a blast! The weather was disgusting  It was in the 60s and raining. The good part was that it wasn't busy and a lot of stuff is inside, and I have a pretty stellar rain jacket, so we still had a lot of fun.  We got a pretty awesome marshmallow catapult that made Steve feel like he was 6 years old.  He said he's going to load dog treats on it when we have a dog and shoot them across the room. 
The fair was a lot bigger than I thought. They had tons of booths with jewelry, decorations for your home, Renaissance style attire and things like elf ears, horns, dresses, boots, and more for you to purchase if you like to dress up for the fair. They had places where you could get your palm read or tarot cards read and there were tons of live acts and music!
Of course, we had delicious fair food! We had CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON. Yes, you read that right. I literally could have eaten my way through the fair. I'm not even joking. There were so many different booths and foods to try. We decided to share a smoked turkey leg and conch fritters and shared a beer. It was delicious.
They also had this guy in stocks where you could throw a tomato at him, the booth was called "Vegetable Justice." First of all, I ignored his heckling. Second of all, I am terrible at throwing for things like this. The first one I threw so hard I let the tomato go too late and it smashed the ground like 15 feet in front of me. The second one I threw so high it hit the stupid awning. It was embarrassing. Steve also missed but came MUCH closer.
Pirate give away at the Renaissance Fair - we got a "trust the pirate" knife for $10.

One of the bands at the fair - The Ded Bob Sled. They were really good!

Throwing the tomatoes at the "Vegetable Justice" booth

Fair food! Conch fritters, turkey leg, and beer.
Look at that chocolate covered bacon!

Monday night we went out to Two Urban Licks in Atlanta.  It's one of my favorite restaurants.  Steve and I went there in November 2011 as our last "date" as fiances before we got married so we wanted to go back. I didn't take any pictures of food. We were really close to another couple and I thought that would be embarrassing and tacky. I do have this one not so great picture of us taken by the valet. Also, we forgot cash to tip the valets. I usually remember but this time I totally forgot and then I felt like such an asshole. I guess I deserved the terrible picture.

Tuesday night we just kind of kept it low key since he was leaving the next morning.

I'm so glad we had all this time together, but I really hate it when he has to leave.  It's even worse now the the uncertainty of when I'll be up there. I know it will all work out in the right time. I just have to make peace with it right now.

I'm also connecting to this link up:

We all need to start following each other on bloglovin' with this transition away from GFC. This is a great way to do that and find new blogs!

I did a really cool project this weekend that I stole from Pinterest that everyone has done - it's super easy! I'll be posting about that later this week! Make sure you check back for updates!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Currently (4)

Linking up with Lauren

Today is blog day. I've been working on a bunch of random bloggy stuff so I won't be so absent with this being one of the busiest times of the year for me with work.  It's been a pretty uneventful week but full of banquets and preparations for the end of the year.  I'm glad I'm back to linking-up and I'll actually remember to connect to the link up this time, unlike Friday when I forgot!! I hate that! I've been doing that a lot lately, forgetting random things. It drives me nuts!

reading umm not really reading anything unless you count recipes!

writing  tons of end of the year move out of your room emails

listening to Iron Man on in the background. Who else is excited for Iron Man 3 this weekend??

thinking Today was the perfect day to sit around in cozy clothes and listen to the rain outside

smelling The best chocolate chip cookie dough ever. 

wishing I could make the fun parts of the last weeks of the semester go slow so I can cherish the good times with these students I won't get to interact with next year but that I could fast forward through all the stupid decisions that occur at the end of the year and all of the move out drama. 

hoping  the package for work I ordered that was SUPPOSED to arrive Friday gets here at a reasonable time tomorrow. I have adjustments to make to what arrives and I need it for Tuesday!!!

wearing A school Tshirt, striped gray and blue sleep pants and fuzzy blue socks. Even when I'm sitting around, I have to color coordinate

loving BRIGHT toe nail polish and nude finger nails. I would post a picture but I still have color all over myself from the campus' HSA Holi event on Friday.  See, this is what I looked like.  It's still stained in certain places on my body, like my nail beds. 

wanting to eat all of the cookie dough in the fridge

needing a major professional massage at the end of this year

feeling curious about what it will be like when Steve and I live together again. Now I'm used to being able to watch what I want all day and he's used to being able to play XBox whenever he wants. Will we be able to negotiate and fall into a pattern again?

clicking on to websites looking for Mother's Day gifts. Of course, I wait until almost the last minute. typical me!

Additionally I have not showered at ALL today and was fine until about now and I'm starting to feel kind of gross.  I really hate that I have to shower every day or I feel disgusting. I'm sorry mother nature! 

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Why I Blog

Why did I start blogging?

Weelll, in high school I had a livejournal. Remember that?? I would write thoughts that to me were SO deep and through provoking. 
Actually they weren't. 
It was me passively trying to break up with my boyfriend (that was so terrible, i can't believe I did that) or being all moody and angsty about basic high school issues like heart break, friends, drama, you know.

I got back to blogging in college with some friends through Xanga. Same song different tune.  I was writing about what I thought was this deep, thought provoking stuff, a lot of it about faith and choices. I was going through a lot my sophomore year of college and it was a great outlet for me.  Not as embarassing as high school but still pretty uncomfortable. 

I've thought about blogging on and off for a really long time, and always have tons of ideas, because I always think my life is so interesting that I need to share tons of it with the world. In grad school my friend and I wanted to start a Maybe that's narcissistic  but whatevs I love writing it and I love sharing it! I love reading about other people's lives so clearly it's just because it's our nature to be interested in the human process!

I started my blog officially last summer. I started it under another blog name that I've now changed to this. I actually started the blog to keep our friends and family updated on our lives.  Steve and I moved to Georgia in July of 2011. When I graduated from grad school I searched everywhere for a job and I loved the opportunity I had here.  We both moved here while most of our family is in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  I wanted to be able to update them on what was going on. I also love to write. I was an English major in college and while this dream would never come true, if I could have one thing in life magically happen, I would write for SNL or be a writer on a TV show. So now the blog is kind of a modgepodge of life events and fun topics.  

Why do I keep doing it?

I keep blogging because I love it. It's  a great way to look back on moments in my life.  There aer some life events, like my wedding, that I wish I had been blogging through to have a documentation of that process.  I am really excited to blog about future life events, though. I know one day I'll blog about buying a house (if I ever feel adult enough to do so), when we buy a dog, or having a child, and so much more.  I'll have all of that written down. My friends and family from college read it, and it gives us a way to connect in life when we can't always call each other.

I also love connecting with other bloggers. I think it's hard to navigate at first but I've found some other bloggers that share a lot of things about life with me.  We get to know each other a little bit through reading posts, we encourage each other, and I hope I get to know some of these great bloggers even more.  

When I don't blog after a while, I don't feel complete. This is how I know I should keep blogging. While I may not update as often as I like, I know that I always try to contribute often and try to give all my readers the best  experience I can.

I hope this link-up gave you some insight into why I blog and I hope you keep stopping by!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I Grow Up

When you're little and you think about who you want to be when you grow up it's usually fireman, fairy, princess, you know those realistic things.  When it comes to my life in general, goals and plans are important to me.  Right now my life is so up in the air it's fun to think about some of these fun things I want to be able to do when I grow up. 
When I grow up: 
I won't be so afraid of baby spit up and doing everything wrong as a parent
I won't desperately fear having a mortgage
I will be able to stand the taste of scotch
 photo scotch_zps172cb8d3.gif
I will own a piece of furniture, other than my bed, that isn't from IKEA - don't get me wrong, I love IKEA but let's be real, you have to put it together and it's inexpensive, and not the same
I will be writing for Saturday Night Live on the reg.
 photo tinafeysp_zps092f0709.gif
I will drink coffee every morning because that's what grown-ups do
 photo coffee_zpse040f50f.gif
I will have an SUV full of broken bits of goldfish crackers and apple juice boxes
Just a fun little post for today! Hopefully I can update you on Steve's visit tomorrow!
Happy day before Friday!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am NOT a Grown Up

Everyone visiting from Heavens to Meighan, welcome! Thanks for stopping by I'm so excited that you're here! Please follow me on GFC and Bloglovin (the b with the heart button on the right of the page).
If this is your first time you should read a little about me here, or read about me and my husband's "love story" here

So my posts are a little out of order. Normally  I'd post what I did this weekend, but since Steve is still visiting, I'm going to wait until his trip is over so I can do one brilliant post about it. Today I wanted to be fun and talk about how I think I'm an adult, but every day I'm reminded that I'm kind of not.

Ways I'm not a real grown up yet

1. I don't save receipts.  I throw them away,  lose them, it's bad. The only time I'm good at saving them is when I'm unsure about a purchase, but if I ever got audited, I'd have a problem. 

 photo recieptspha_zpsd62d5efe.gif 

2. Other than our honeymoon we haven't been on a vacation just the two of us. We've planned on taking a small one to Chattanooga last October, but then life intervened last June when Steve left his job for 6 months. It gets pricey and I'm not even 100% sure how to plan a real vacation that doesn't include cramming as many people into a hotel room as possible and buying alcohol at the ABC store so you don't have to spend as much money at the bars when you go out. I have married friends that go on vacations with their significant other all the time. We'll get there eventually and I'll relish in the fact that I'll feel like an adult!

3. I buy most of my work clothes from Target and Old Navy. Don't get me wrong, they have incredible stuff but I don't own a bunch of fancy pencil skirts and shoes.  I pretty much rotate the same dresses and pants with cardigans every two weeks and do a little mix and matching.  I think my wardrobe is fine, but it's not very grown up, as in I have very few "dry clean only" clothes.

 photo cute_zpsc1525b28.gif 

4.  Sometimes, I save bills and never really open them.  Oops. We pretty much pay everything through online bill pay anyways so the paper to me is just dumb. I should still open them, I guess. When Steve and I were living in the same place, he opened all that stuff, now it just sits in a pile that I decided I'll just give to him, because giving him a 3 month old bill next time I see him makes sense.
 photo bills_zps412eef71.gif

5. I keep nail polish at my work desk.  Yep, just in case I mess something up and need to fix it. It looks ridiculous.

6. I watch MTV on occasion and ABC Family. You might think "hey me too!" I'm not saying it's a BAD thing, but let's be real Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and Step Up are not what one would call quality adult television.

7. I have an amazing duvet cover, but have not decorated my room, bought sheets to go with it, or made any design effort at all.

8. I never wear heels unless I can guarantee I'll only be standing in them for about an hour.

9. I still live on a college campus. If this is your first time stopping by, I'll explain. I work in residence life at a college.  I am a professional staff member with a Master's Degree, but I live in an apartment in the residence hall. One of the reasons is because we are first responders to emergencies. We primarily build community, also, so being in the residence hall helps with that. It does not make me feel like an adult at all.

10. I get excited when I do "adult" or "grown up" things.
 photo excited_zps431e7519.gif

Ways I feel like a grown up

1. I get excited when I go to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy and it's totally covered.

2.  I am tired before 10:30pm every night. I get in bed and watch Dirty Jobs and fall asleep. Caffeine after 9pm? No thank you. Unless I have something to do after work, I put on my pajamas almost immediately when I get home.

3.  I have a 403B

 photo patonback_zpsf6aa7cc3.gif 

4. I do my taxes in February.

the fact that I find this funny is very "adult" of me, I guess.

5.  I don't understand the thought process of the college students I work with. Seriously? I'm not that much older than they are!
 photo wrongopinion_zps71fa2515.gif

6. I know my credit score.

7. 2 words. Car payments.

8. I watch Good Morning America as I get ready for work in the morning. My mom used to do this while I watched Adventures in Wonderland on Disney. Do you remember that show?? I know it's not like watching the news, like CNN or something real, but it's close enough to adult for me. 

9. This weekend, I cleaned my washing machine. Enough said about that.

10. I prepare everything for the morning before I go to bed. I pull out my clothes, but my water bottle full of ice in the freezer, put any breakfast/meal items together, put out my running clothes for after work. It's kind of ridiculous.

I have frequent moments where I question if being 26 really makes me an adult. I've decided it doesn't. I'm married, 26, have a Master's Degree, and still often feel like I'm no where near adulthood.  Do any of you have moments where you feel like a real adult? Maybe when I buy a house it will kick in??
Thanks for stopping by!

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