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Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I Grow Up

When you're little and you think about who you want to be when you grow up it's usually fireman, fairy, princess, you know those realistic things.  When it comes to my life in general, goals and plans are important to me.  Right now my life is so up in the air it's fun to think about some of these fun things I want to be able to do when I grow up. 
When I grow up: 
I won't be so afraid of baby spit up and doing everything wrong as a parent
I won't desperately fear having a mortgage
I will be able to stand the taste of scotch
 photo scotch_zps172cb8d3.gif
I will own a piece of furniture, other than my bed, that isn't from IKEA - don't get me wrong, I love IKEA but let's be real, you have to put it together and it's inexpensive, and not the same
I will be writing for Saturday Night Live on the reg.
 photo tinafeysp_zps092f0709.gif
I will drink coffee every morning because that's what grown-ups do
 photo coffee_zpse040f50f.gif
I will have an SUV full of broken bits of goldfish crackers and apple juice boxes
Just a fun little post for today! Hopefully I can update you on Steve's visit tomorrow!
Happy day before Friday!

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  1. Love this =) Such a fun idea!!! Loved the SUV with the broken goldfish pieces =)

    Happy Friday!!!

  2. Writing for SNL would be a blast!

  3. Love the moving pics. Did you get them from tumblr? j/w

    I'm your newest follower.