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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am NOT a Grown Up

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So my posts are a little out of order. Normally  I'd post what I did this weekend, but since Steve is still visiting, I'm going to wait until his trip is over so I can do one brilliant post about it. Today I wanted to be fun and talk about how I think I'm an adult, but every day I'm reminded that I'm kind of not.

Ways I'm not a real grown up yet

1. I don't save receipts.  I throw them away,  lose them, it's bad. The only time I'm good at saving them is when I'm unsure about a purchase, but if I ever got audited, I'd have a problem. 

 photo recieptspha_zpsd62d5efe.gif 

2. Other than our honeymoon we haven't been on a vacation just the two of us. We've planned on taking a small one to Chattanooga last October, but then life intervened last June when Steve left his job for 6 months. It gets pricey and I'm not even 100% sure how to plan a real vacation that doesn't include cramming as many people into a hotel room as possible and buying alcohol at the ABC store so you don't have to spend as much money at the bars when you go out. I have married friends that go on vacations with their significant other all the time. We'll get there eventually and I'll relish in the fact that I'll feel like an adult!

3. I buy most of my work clothes from Target and Old Navy. Don't get me wrong, they have incredible stuff but I don't own a bunch of fancy pencil skirts and shoes.  I pretty much rotate the same dresses and pants with cardigans every two weeks and do a little mix and matching.  I think my wardrobe is fine, but it's not very grown up, as in I have very few "dry clean only" clothes.

 photo cute_zpsc1525b28.gif 

4.  Sometimes, I save bills and never really open them.  Oops. We pretty much pay everything through online bill pay anyways so the paper to me is just dumb. I should still open them, I guess. When Steve and I were living in the same place, he opened all that stuff, now it just sits in a pile that I decided I'll just give to him, because giving him a 3 month old bill next time I see him makes sense.
 photo bills_zps412eef71.gif

5. I keep nail polish at my work desk.  Yep, just in case I mess something up and need to fix it. It looks ridiculous.

6. I watch MTV on occasion and ABC Family. You might think "hey me too!" I'm not saying it's a BAD thing, but let's be real Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and Step Up are not what one would call quality adult television.

7. I have an amazing duvet cover, but have not decorated my room, bought sheets to go with it, or made any design effort at all.

8. I never wear heels unless I can guarantee I'll only be standing in them for about an hour.

9. I still live on a college campus. If this is your first time stopping by, I'll explain. I work in residence life at a college.  I am a professional staff member with a Master's Degree, but I live in an apartment in the residence hall. One of the reasons is because we are first responders to emergencies. We primarily build community, also, so being in the residence hall helps with that. It does not make me feel like an adult at all.

10. I get excited when I do "adult" or "grown up" things.
 photo excited_zps431e7519.gif

Ways I feel like a grown up

1. I get excited when I go to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy and it's totally covered.

2.  I am tired before 10:30pm every night. I get in bed and watch Dirty Jobs and fall asleep. Caffeine after 9pm? No thank you. Unless I have something to do after work, I put on my pajamas almost immediately when I get home.

3.  I have a 403B

 photo patonback_zpsf6aa7cc3.gif 

4. I do my taxes in February.

the fact that I find this funny is very "adult" of me, I guess.

5.  I don't understand the thought process of the college students I work with. Seriously? I'm not that much older than they are!
 photo wrongopinion_zps71fa2515.gif

6. I know my credit score.

7. 2 words. Car payments.

8. I watch Good Morning America as I get ready for work in the morning. My mom used to do this while I watched Adventures in Wonderland on Disney. Do you remember that show?? I know it's not like watching the news, like CNN or something real, but it's close enough to adult for me. 

9. This weekend, I cleaned my washing machine. Enough said about that.

10. I prepare everything for the morning before I go to bed. I pull out my clothes, but my water bottle full of ice in the freezer, put any breakfast/meal items together, put out my running clothes for after work. It's kind of ridiculous.

I have frequent moments where I question if being 26 really makes me an adult. I've decided it doesn't. I'm married, 26, have a Master's Degree, and still often feel like I'm no where near adulthood.  Do any of you have moments where you feel like a real adult? Maybe when I buy a house it will kick in??
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Loved his post made me laugh! I am definitely a kid at heart! This adult stuff is so over rated!

  2. Oh man this post was GREAT! Holy crap there is so much truth here. If by saving my receipts you mean keep them crumpled up at the bottom of my purse then YES I totally save my receipts. Also, best place for pencil skirts? Goodwill. I'm not even kidding. All my "fancy" pencil skirts are nice ones from goodwill. They always have them in every size there because they've been a staple of fashion since forever. And lastly, I work with college students too and it's like COME ON! They will come to important events spelling like alcohol and I just generally cannot remember being as stupid as some of them are. lol

  3. I love that you keep polish at your desk! I'm 23 and I'm still holding on to not being an "adult" but anytime I do something uber responsible, I get to proud of myself haha. Your post made me laugh, I can't wait to read more!!!

  4. honey boo boo cracks me up! and i do the same thing with bills, too. whoopsie! but it's all good as long as the bills get paid right? :)

    great blog!

  5. Haha! I love this post. The GIFS had me cracking up and I haven't grown up either. :)