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Monday, April 29, 2013

Steve's Visit:

Finally the update on Steve's weekend!
We are approaching the end of the semester here, so my posts are going to be a little all over the place!

Steve came to visit last weekend.  He arrived on Saturday and left on Wednesday. I tried to plan some fun stuff without allowing us to get overwhelmed and not have any quality time just at home.

Saturday I made meatloaf with mashed potatoes and peas for dinner - one of the meals he's been asking for and evidently misses the most.  How 1950's housewife of me! We had some Holly's cupcakes - probably some of the best I've ever had! I had coconut with a cream cheese frosting and Steve had red velvet.  We watched Les Miserables as well, because Steve hadn't seen it yet.

Sunday we went to the Renaissance Fair. It was a blast! The weather was disgusting  It was in the 60s and raining. The good part was that it wasn't busy and a lot of stuff is inside, and I have a pretty stellar rain jacket, so we still had a lot of fun.  We got a pretty awesome marshmallow catapult that made Steve feel like he was 6 years old.  He said he's going to load dog treats on it when we have a dog and shoot them across the room. 
The fair was a lot bigger than I thought. They had tons of booths with jewelry, decorations for your home, Renaissance style attire and things like elf ears, horns, dresses, boots, and more for you to purchase if you like to dress up for the fair. They had places where you could get your palm read or tarot cards read and there were tons of live acts and music!
Of course, we had delicious fair food! We had CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON. Yes, you read that right. I literally could have eaten my way through the fair. I'm not even joking. There were so many different booths and foods to try. We decided to share a smoked turkey leg and conch fritters and shared a beer. It was delicious.
They also had this guy in stocks where you could throw a tomato at him, the booth was called "Vegetable Justice." First of all, I ignored his heckling. Second of all, I am terrible at throwing for things like this. The first one I threw so hard I let the tomato go too late and it smashed the ground like 15 feet in front of me. The second one I threw so high it hit the stupid awning. It was embarrassing. Steve also missed but came MUCH closer.
Pirate give away at the Renaissance Fair - we got a "trust the pirate" knife for $10.

One of the bands at the fair - The Ded Bob Sled. They were really good!

Throwing the tomatoes at the "Vegetable Justice" booth

Fair food! Conch fritters, turkey leg, and beer.
Look at that chocolate covered bacon!

Monday night we went out to Two Urban Licks in Atlanta.  It's one of my favorite restaurants.  Steve and I went there in November 2011 as our last "date" as fiances before we got married so we wanted to go back. I didn't take any pictures of food. We were really close to another couple and I thought that would be embarrassing and tacky. I do have this one not so great picture of us taken by the valet. Also, we forgot cash to tip the valets. I usually remember but this time I totally forgot and then I felt like such an asshole. I guess I deserved the terrible picture.

Tuesday night we just kind of kept it low key since he was leaving the next morning.

I'm so glad we had all this time together, but I really hate it when he has to leave.  It's even worse now the the uncertainty of when I'll be up there. I know it will all work out in the right time. I just have to make peace with it right now.

I'm also connecting to this link up:

We all need to start following each other on bloglovin' with this transition away from GFC. This is a great way to do that and find new blogs!

I did a really cool project this weekend that I stole from Pinterest that everyone has done - it's super easy! I'll be posting about that later this week! Make sure you check back for updates!

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  1. chocolate covered bacon! say whaaat?! love. and I hate that you and your hubby are in different cities! when my bf goes out of town for work I miss him like crazy, and he's only gone for five days!

  2. i'm glad you two had a nice weekend together! those cupcakes look heavenly!

  3. Chocolate covered bacon. Wow that's a new one. 2 things anyone would love. Bet that was good and tasty. Love the pics. they are interesting that's for sure.