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Friday, April 26, 2013

Why I Blog

Why did I start blogging?

Weelll, in high school I had a livejournal. Remember that?? I would write thoughts that to me were SO deep and through provoking. 
Actually they weren't. 
It was me passively trying to break up with my boyfriend (that was so terrible, i can't believe I did that) or being all moody and angsty about basic high school issues like heart break, friends, drama, you know.

I got back to blogging in college with some friends through Xanga. Same song different tune.  I was writing about what I thought was this deep, thought provoking stuff, a lot of it about faith and choices. I was going through a lot my sophomore year of college and it was a great outlet for me.  Not as embarassing as high school but still pretty uncomfortable. 

I've thought about blogging on and off for a really long time, and always have tons of ideas, because I always think my life is so interesting that I need to share tons of it with the world. In grad school my friend and I wanted to start a Maybe that's narcissistic  but whatevs I love writing it and I love sharing it! I love reading about other people's lives so clearly it's just because it's our nature to be interested in the human process!

I started my blog officially last summer. I started it under another blog name that I've now changed to this. I actually started the blog to keep our friends and family updated on our lives.  Steve and I moved to Georgia in July of 2011. When I graduated from grad school I searched everywhere for a job and I loved the opportunity I had here.  We both moved here while most of our family is in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  I wanted to be able to update them on what was going on. I also love to write. I was an English major in college and while this dream would never come true, if I could have one thing in life magically happen, I would write for SNL or be a writer on a TV show. So now the blog is kind of a modgepodge of life events and fun topics.  

Why do I keep doing it?

I keep blogging because I love it. It's  a great way to look back on moments in my life.  There aer some life events, like my wedding, that I wish I had been blogging through to have a documentation of that process.  I am really excited to blog about future life events, though. I know one day I'll blog about buying a house (if I ever feel adult enough to do so), when we buy a dog, or having a child, and so much more.  I'll have all of that written down. My friends and family from college read it, and it gives us a way to connect in life when we can't always call each other.

I also love connecting with other bloggers. I think it's hard to navigate at first but I've found some other bloggers that share a lot of things about life with me.  We get to know each other a little bit through reading posts, we encourage each other, and I hope I get to know some of these great bloggers even more.  

When I don't blog after a while, I don't feel complete. This is how I know I should keep blogging. While I may not update as often as I like, I know that I always try to contribute often and try to give all my readers the best  experience I can.

I hope this link-up gave you some insight into why I blog and I hope you keep stopping by!

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  1. Wow....What part of Georgia are you from? I'm in a little town called Cuthbert. I'm sure you've never heard of it. Hardly anyone does. It's 3 hrs south of Atlanta.

    would love to hear from another Georgia gal!

  2. i always enjoy reading what motivates people to blog, it's so interesting! thanks for sharing! :)