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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Treats from Travels

Throwback Thursday!!
Here is a repeat post I wanted to post on here from my old blog.

One of my favorite things about traveling is the food.
I love it.  I remember watching $40 a Day with Rachael Ray and learning to "ask the locals" (which to her meant the receptionist at the hotel). Seriously, I will go online, find the restaurants that have been featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate from Food Network and make sure we eat something from at least one of the restaurants they featured. 

Sometimes the food just looks so enticing, I forget to take a picture first. Actually, this happens a lot.  I know, taking pictures of your food is something people love and hate - but I'll tell you this - if you're hungry, don't read this post. It will make you want to travel and eat!

Two years ago in my final year of grad school, we had a national convention in Baltimore, MD.  My goal, of course was to eat a crab I could smash with a hammer and wash it down with a Yuengling.  Mission accomplished.  We also went out to a sushi dinner one night and one of my friends was taken over to the dark side after enjoying sushi for the first time!

Steve and I went to NYC for our honeymoon.  I had a bit of a hangover after the most amazing wedding spent with friends and family so once we got there, we didn't even site-see.  We arrived Sunday, took a nap, watched a football game, and then went to get pizza at Lombardi's.  I actually planned the food we wanted to eat and days based on location. Monday, we had tickets to see a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman, so after sleeping in, we went to Carnegie Deli where I got a corned beef sandwich and Steve got Pastrami; we shared the two. I can tell you I only finished one half. It was unreal.  That night we got tickets to see Avenue Q for a great price. We had dinner at a Louisiana style restaurant called Delta Grill.  The next day, we had dim sum in Chinatown at The Golden Unicorn and walked around Chinatown and Little Italy.  Next we went to  Dylan's Candy Bar to buy some candy for our families.  We then were going to go to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate but they had a 3 hour wait and it was starting to rain, so we walked back to Dylan's and shared a HUGE ice cream sundae.  That night we had tickets to see Wicked, so we went back, did some shopping and then got ready to see the show.  We had reservations for an amazing steak dinner at BLT Steak, but I didn't think it was classy to take a picture of my $40 steak. Of course, before we left we had bagels. It wouldn't be a trip to NY without them.

Last year Airtran was having one of their crazy air travel sales and some friends from work and I decided we only live once, let's go to NOLA (pre YOLO).  We had a blast.  NOLA is so full of food options but we were all kinda poor.  We had beignets at Cafe Du Monde which I learned do wonders for a hangover after spending the night before out on Bourbon Street (also I realized two posts back to back talk about hangovers - it's really NOT a habitual thing for me).  We also walked around some shopping areas, went to Jackson Square, and just really took in the French Quarter.  It was amazing.  We had some fabulous Po'Boys at Johnny's and then had some fancy schmancy dinner that night. Fact - head cheese is ground up pig head, no cheese is involved (in the back of my mind, I knew that, but forgot, so when we ordered it, it all came back to me and I was really embarrassed). Also, I recommend The Court of Two Sisters for brunch.  It's pricy but the best brunch buffet I've EVER had.  That rounded out our exciting weekend in NOLA.  I told Steve we have to go back together.

My family and I went to Boynton Beach to clear out my great aunt's apartment after she passed away.  It was hard going to through a lot of those memories and saying good bye - but it was nice to be with family and share that.  Of course, my parents have the same food obsession I do - so we made what we could of it by having a few delicious meals.  We went to The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. while we were there. The bagels are amazing - like you're right in NYC having them. They treat the water so it is similar to that of NYC water.  They also serve iced coffee with coffee ice cubes - how Pinterest of them.  We also went out for Mother's Day to Abe & Louie's - an amazing steak house. Again, I only remembered to take a picture of the seafood tower and dessert.  The seafood tower was delicious and impressive! The cheesecake is shipped from Junior's in NYC. So delicious.

The past two years we've gone on vacation to Seabrook Island with Steve's family.  We have spent one or two of those days in Charleston, SC.  We like to go to the Old City Market, walk around and shop. The first year we were there, we went to Hominy Grill - because it was featured on Best Thing I Ever Ate for the grits and the chocolate pudding. Oh. My. God.  The grits were great - so delicious, but the chocolate pudding - oh my God, the chocolate pudding.  Get it. Just do it. It is SO good. It's thick and chocolatey and velvety - it's so rich, we share it.  Get it, for real. 

When Steve lived in DC, we waited about 20 minutes to get some cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes.  It was 100% worth it.  We got 1 strawberry, 2 double chocolate, 1 mint chocolate, 1 red velvet, and 1 vanilla.  UPDATE: Now that he lives there full time I can't wait to move so I can get some again!

So there are a few of our food adventures.  Some of them get posted on here periodically as they happen.  I know I overly used the word "delicious."  I'm sure it was a little out of control.  I hope it gave you ideas of places to go on your travels and even if you don't love to plan out your vacation with mandatory food trips. What's your favorite place you've eaten on vacation? Any go to places? 

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