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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever was always my least favorite drinking game.
I always lost.
I think my friends did it intentionally.

Being in a sorority we played Never Have I Ever many nights, I lost almost every time. The worst was when we played and you have to take a drink because YOU did it but then EVERYONE would make you TELL the embarrassing and awkward story connected to it. Today I'm linking up with Nadine, Meighan, and Whitney for what promises to be a more fun game of Never Have I Ever. At least it won't end up in me being wasted spilling embarrassing secrets like games of the past.

Never Have I Ever

So let's see what I can think of when it comes to things I HAVEN'T done.

1. Never Have I Ever liked eating a banana. I can eat it sliced on toast but that's about it. The texture of a whole banana makes me gag. It's the same way with watermelon. I'm weird. Sorry I'm not sorry.

2. Never Have I Ever payed rent.  Well, I guess I "technically" pay rent now because we pay rent for Steve's apartment, but I don't live there so it doesn't count. Hear me out: I lived in a residence hall freshman year of college, was an RA every year after that, was a Residence Director in Grad School which meant I lived in an apartment in the residence hall as part of my compensation, and now I live in an apartment in a residence hall as a Residence Life Coordinator. Basically, I have lived on a college campus for 8 years. That is insane.

3. Never Have I Ever gotten my bra size officially checked. I mean I've done it on my own with measuring tape but you know those fancy boutiques where they check you and tell you your real bra size which is normally totally different than what you buy at Victoria's Secret?

Yeah, never been to one of those.  I mean I'm busty, so I probably should, and I have issues with my shoulders, so yeah I probably should but I haven't. (Also, I think Victoria's Secret bras are over priced for how long they last and refuse to buy lingerie from them. I've found much more substantial bras for their price that last a lot longer).
 photo boobs_zpscdd456be.gif

4. Never Have I Ever liked Taylor Swift. I'm sorry. The first time I heard of her, I saw her sing live on a Christmas special I was watching because Josh Groban was performing. She was flat and terrible.  I also think her song Love Story just shows that she didn't  really understand the contexts of the references she's making. Please make educated allusions in your music that make sense, we already have a problem with education in this country. Also, her serial dating drives me nuts. I'm sorry, I just can't. I don't like her.

I could write a whole post on this but I'd just make a lot of people angry.  This story was the icing on the cake, though.
Okay I like her song from The Hunger Games. I can give her that one.
I know, I'm mean, I'm terrible.

 photo mean_zps6a897edf.gif

5. Never Have I Ever hated any of my jobs. Sure I had jobs that weren't great and moments where I was so over every one, but every job I've had has had some perks and fun aspects to them. Maybe it's my positivity coming out but I learned a lot from every job I've had. I've even learned "You know I don't want to do this job forever but it's okay for right now" which is a victory in itself. This includes when I worked at CVS and Pizza Hut in high school.

Whew! Well, did you make it through mine sober? I bet some of them tripped you up! Can't wait to link up again!

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  1. That's really amazing that you've never hated a job. I think it's definitely all about your attitude. And I cannot believe you've lived on a college campus for 8 years! Are you so sick of the freshman by now? Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. yeah, T-swizzle is a hottttt mess. I have a love/hate type thing with her. love her songs, hate her. so glad you linked up!

  3. i haven never really liked taylor swift either,she really doesn't sound good live but she at least seems like a good role model for girls...

    cute blog!!