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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Here are some random musings from the day. Nothing overly exciting. 

Today I cleaned my office. Please look at the before. Don't judge too harshly. Also, I only remembered to take a picture on ONE drawer. Whoops. I promise, I organized them all!

Here are the "Before" and "Afters."

Honestly, I don't know how it gets so messy (and it was a lot worse than it looks in the pictures). I don't go all crazy and throw things around, I guess I just have too much going on at once and such at making open files on my desk.  I feel like no matter what I title them, some things just don't fit into them. I made some progress! I still need to vacuum and take out the recycling box but it' s huge improvement!

Now if I could just get the urge to do this in my bedroom and dining room/living room.

AHHHH SO much better! I even organized my pen cups. 

Here is the tangerine nail polish I was talking about the other day:

It's OPI - if anyone has any idea what color it is, please, tell me!
I tried to do a gold fleck ombre thing on the ring finger. It looks better in person, and in the sun. It adds a little sumthin'.

I went for a run today in the rain. I LOVED IT. I used to use rain as an excuse NOT to work out outside (like oh it's raining God says take the day off!).  Also, I really didn't have a good ran jacket.
 I got this great waterproof rain jacket (Trail Model Rain Jacket in Dark Royal Blue) from L.L. Bean from my mother-in-law for Christmas - it kept me TOTALLY dry.

I mean except where I sweated and my legs which were totally wet.  SO after my run, I was drinking water out of my nalgene, totally dry, and you know that Demetri Martin joke about ice attacking you when you drink? Well, it happened. Water ALL over my shirt. Not a good look.  After all that keeping myself dry, too! See it?

Okay last thing. I'm all about Greek yogurt, although I kind of stopped eating it for a while. I was all over the Chobani with fruit in it and my husband always loved the Liberte kind.  Well, I decided to try the Liberte Coconut flavor: OH MY GOD I am CONVERTED. 
 This tastes like the beach.  Well no it doesn't taste like sand or saltwater - it tastes like coconut, like it's supposed too? Any way - it is DELICIOUS. If you like coconut, BUY IT. I'm thinking about cutting up pineapple and putting some in next time I have this yogurt.  OBSESSED. 

Well Monday is OVER. Thanks to all my beautiful new followers! Make sure you remember to follow me on bloglovin by clicking the link below!  

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  1. Your desk looks so good! I should do that this week. It's to the point where I'm embarassed to open my top drawer with someone standing next to my desk for fear they will judge me for the disaster inside! :-/

    1. Thanks! I honestly couldn't handle it any more - it will probably last for like 5 days!

  2. Your office looks great! I really need to get mine done too, it's on my Spring cleaning list :)
    And coconut Greek yogurt was the first kind of Greek yogurt I ever liked! Now I get plain, and I add my own fruit and stevia to sweeten :) Yum!

  3. Yay for a clean office! I went for my first run in forever today, ah I am SO out of shape. Working on it though :). I have to try that yogurt, I LOVE coconut! Oh, I put your button on my blog but for some reason it's smaller than it is supposed to be I think, I'm not sure why?