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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Currently (2)

Linking up with Lauren

reading Everyone's fun statuses on what they're doing for Easter! Love seeing my friend's children dressed up in their Easter best!

writing  grocery lists, including the stuff I forgot today

listening to The Book of Mormon for the 1,000,000th time. I can't wait to see it this summer

thinking This is going to be the longest two weeks ever. Steve is coming to visit April 13th and I can't wait

smelling A freshly cleaned bathroom and kitchen and homemade tomato sauce cooking on the stove

wishing I would find a job in near Steve soon

hoping  I can get back to a normal schedule soon and get back to running this week. Working from 12am to 4am along with regular hours is really messing up my routine

wearing Leggings, socks, my Mainstreet shirt (my college ACappella group), and a purple pull over

loving That tonight is the season finale of The Walking Dead. I hate that it's over but Mad Men starts next week, so I'm okay

wanting to go shopping for some new spring dresses

needing to clean my bedroom but after all the cleaning I've done today, the thought is exhausting

feeling lonely, tired, and a little bored

clicking on to some recipe inspirations for this week - I've gotten into a cooking slump lately

I'm spending Easter alone this year, which is not a super big deal, except I did consider buying a huge chocolate bunny and devouring it on my own.  I refrained. That was just going to be too sad and put me in the Liz Lemon boat where she buys a wedding dress out of loneliness.  You can tell I've been watching a lot of 30 Rock lately. 

I have been buying frozen Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches - you know the ones with fewer than 300 calories, but for this and next week I decided to make my own with multigrain english muffins and turkey bacon then freeze them. I'll know how they turned out later this week. Making the eggs the right size was a challenge. I guess I should invest in an egg ring. 

Hope you have a great Easter if you celebrate it, and if not a great weekend, nonetheless.


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